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The inaugural issue of
muscle men's pose collection

developed collaboratively by painter and photographer.

Mastering Muscle Painting Skills: Starting from Learning to Reference Materials!

Taiwan Original! The First Male Pose Photography Collection!

台灣原創 EN.jpg

For those who want to purchase the "I Want It All" plan,

and ''The digital edition & The 18+ nude edition'', please remember to register on the HZ Brothers' official website to access the special section!

Special Section:

This first original male pose collection from Taiwan, specially featuring two muscular and handsome gentlemen.

Using the painter's own creative experience and portrait photography skills, a series of practice pose photos have been organized and accompanied by practical explanations. This will help you learn how to "effectively" appreciate handsome men!

但是 EN.jpg
方案A EN.jpg

Physical Book Early Bird Plan

Pre-order a physical book at early bird price, with a transparent photocard included.
(original price 450NTD)

NT$ 399

方案B EN.jpg

Physical Book &
The digital edition

Early bird price for a physical book plus an electronic version (PDF file), and a transparent photocard.
(original price 599)

NT$ 450

This book offers a variety of muscle men's pose photos suitable for beginners to intermediate-level practitioners. It also provides practical instructions by doujinshi author, Hoshizaki Brothers, allowing you to learn how to quickly grasp the use of reference materials and the technique of painting muscular bodies with texture.

以下情況_right eng.jpg

All of the following are the author's personal experiences (and hand-drawn!).

If the author doesn't use reference materialsQQ!↓↓,

this is the extent of their skills.

Below, you'll find a GIF of the drawing process for reference.

方案C EN.jpg

The digital edition &
The 18+ nude edition

Early bird price for the electronic version of the photo album (PDF file) plus the 18+ adult version (electronic PDF file), which comes with a bonus of a recording of the shooting process and a practical explanation video, and a transparent photo card (limited to Taiwan and overseas islands).
(original price 799)

NT$ 599

I know that you need to learn basic skills to draw, but I often want to draw well right now. I think,It’s great to have the idea of ​​“wanting to draw well”! All you may lack is mobility! In this era, mobility is a very scarce energy for modern people. Therefore, I think that as long as it does not infringe the rights of others, any method that can help you complete a creation, even if it is just a practice work, is very valuable. Meaning, at least you're done!

As for the author, I have far missed the age when I had a lot of time and abundant learning energy (QQ). Even so, I can still find references and under certain SOPs. Complete a picture that you are satisfied with. Sometimes even if you are not satisfied, it is enough to achieve the effect of "rehabilitation" XD. Remember, practice will not betray you (a little motivation for you now and then)!

This book can provide you with a new perspective on how to approach references and materials. It encourages you to give yourself the opportunity to gradually accumulate your work and practice.

方案D EN.jpg

I Want It All Plan

Early bird price for the physical book, electronic version (PDF file) and nude 18+ adult version (electronic PDF file), comes with a record of the shooting process, a practical explanation video and a transparent photo card. You can purchase the R18 booklet (two versions)!
(original price 999)

NT$ 799


If you know this part about finding materials, it already proves that you are a very active creator who wants to draw well!.

However, I can’t draw ideally even though I have the materials. It may be another reason↓↓↓


Have you ever encountered the following situations when looking for materials?


I Want It All Early Birdy Plan

Early bird price for the physical book, electronic version (PDF file) and nude 18+ adult version(electronic PDF file), comes with a record of the shooting process, a practical explanation video and a transparent photo card. You can purchase the R18 booklet (two versions)!
(original price 999)

NT$ 899

We have services for shipping abroad​However, some countries cannot deliver
due to website settings.

  • The resolution is not enough, or the pictures in the book are too small, the mobile phone pictures are not clear, or the lens angle is skewed and deformed, making it difficult to make accurate reference.
    For painters who don’t have enough databases in their minds and don’t have deep internal skills, if there is insufficient material information, it will be difficult to fill in the unfamiliar parts, which may lead to the situation of "Relying on imagination! Relying on imagination! The more you think about it, the less likely it is!" ” environment.


  • The proportions of the reference photo do not match the character I want to draw.
    It may be that the body proportions of the characters in the photos are not similar, or there is an indescribable sense of lens distortion. If you follow the reference, it will seem difficult to have a "painting" feeling!


  • The light and shadow in the photo are difficult to understand.
    When beginners want to express the three-dimensional effect of an object clearly at the beginning, it is usually recommended that the on-site light source be as simple as possible. Some materials found randomly on the Internet or taken randomly by oneself are often unable to accurately find photos suitable for practicing light and shadow, making it difficult to effectively draw works with ideal light and dark distribution.


  • I couldn't find any relevant material for the action.
    I wanted to shoot it myself or use a model to pose it, but found it difficult to make it look natural.
    It feels like the model can't even make the movements I want to draw, nor can it express the changes in muscle curves caused by the movement of bone joints like a real person.

    And for some students, good physical fitness is not cheap!

In summary, this book will explain in detail the conditions that suitable reference materials should meet, helping you overcome the challenges you encounter when using reference materials for your creative work.

Exactly! This is very important!

Cultivating a sense of beauty means seeing more beautiful things (^q^)!

I believes that sometimes, even the most ordinary poses can become very different when the model takes off his clothes (^qqqq^).

To be honest... the POSE included this time are mostly my favorite movements (v///v).

I really enjoy incorporating nude characters into everyday scenes.

However, there are too few collections that focus on normal poses featuring muscular men!

So, I had to create one for myself, and I hope that friends who share the same interest can also get this pose collection and expand your imagination!

This time, at the invitation of Hoshizaki's silver tongue(?), two highly talented individuals who are devoted to art were successfully invited to be the models for the first-ever pose collection.

Thank you for their willingness to give their "first time" to us (I mean, to our pose project!). This photography book marks the debut of these two models in the world of photography.

I also hopes that if the crowdfunding campaign goes well, there will be more opportunities in the future to share more talented Taiwanese boys with everyone.

POSE model introduction:


Although the two models this time have exposed adult parts, please pay attention↓↓

Because there may be underage readers or friends who are shy by nature,The 18+ content will be provided in the form of an electronic version,This allows friends with different needs to purchase with peace of mind. Please be careful not to choose the wrong one when choosing a plan!

The purpose of this original POSE collection is to provide friends who want to draw men with more complete structural and lighting reference materials.

Therefore, when shooting and organizing the photos for this pose collection,

we will take and organize them in the following ways:

  1. Select relatively easy and common life poses, while also including some poses
    that are challenging for models.

  2. Use a medium-to-long focal length and shoot as straight as possible to avoid deformation of the characters due to wide angle or viewing angle.

  3. Using two types of light, "average light" and "directional light", to shoot the same action, the material not only has action reference value, but also has two shadow coloring reference values.

In my painting experience, one of the most difficult things to control is the light source condition of the material. Especially when painting with thick paint and other things that require careful design of light and shadow, it is really not easy to find materials that have enough reference information. Fortunately, I have photography-related experience and lighting knowledge, which can help me observe materials and understand light and shadow.

That's why I wanted to compile my experiences into a practical guide that can help everyone with similar needs. I hope it can assist more artists who want to draw male figures! (And, of course, I also want the opportunity to photograph more cute and handsome boys to share with more people (^q^))

In summary, I'd like to say:

Human beings already have genes for aesthetics and painting,

but the extent to which they are developed may vary from person to person.

The more you use these abilities, the better you become.

Reference is a very effective way to help you build a database in your mind.

If you haven't purchased any pose collections before or have faced challenges with previous reference material experiences, consider giving yourself a chance and giving us a chance by bringing this book home!

Yellow & white Colorful Simple Pricing Table Comparison Chart.png

※ We also offer an 18+ physical booklet featuring the two models, which can only bepurchased as an add-on by friends who choose the "I want it all" package.

持續進行 EN.jpg

Since the execution of this project is independent publishing by the author, we are extremely short of funds.QQ


Only when the preset target amount is reached will the basic printing fund be available to produce the minimum printing of publications.

If the amount of sponsorship increases, there will be plans to increase the number of pages in the publication and the compilation of teaching materials.

If the fundraising reaches 100% of the target, the publication is expected to be printed in a small amount of 64 pages.

If the fundraising reaches 200%, we plan to increase it to 100 pages.

If the fundraising target exceeds 300%, and if the manufacturer's schedule permits, we plan to upgrade the printing specifications of the publication, add more digital files and other benefits, and enrich readers' learning resources.


If this inaugural issue is successful, we hope to continue with monthly or quarterly releases in the future.

We will continue to provide a variety of themed photoshoot collections for everyone. If you're interested, we hope you can show us some support, giving us more opportunities to provide you with additional creative inspiration.

  • Early bird pre-orders come with a special bonus: a custom transparent card!

  • For those who purchase ''the digital version and the 18+ adult version'' , as there are no physical items involved, the transparent card bonus will be limited to domestic shipping within Taiwan.

  • We also offer a physical booklet featuring two adult models, exclusively available for customers who choose the "I Want It All Plan".

If our fundraising campaign is fortunate enough to surpass 100,000 NTD, we plan to add even more perks and benefits for all our supporters!

Author information: 

Hoshizaki Shou

The author of the doujinshi club "Hoshizaki Brothers" has published more than a dozen doujinshi comics and small illustration collections since he founded Hoshizaki Brothers in 2016. This industry is an operator of an imaging studio, and its main business is portrait photography and commercial photography. In this book, I will try my best to use my own experience in painting and portrait photography to share with readers the POSE and reference methods that I think are suitable for practice.

Some of the author's works:

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Hoshizaki Brother website:
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